(31 May 1949 / )

Where Infinity Stops

I'm looking for infinity -
a fiction of the human mind -
that is both a paradox and an illusion.
An infinity that is more than any other
for every infinite number, there's always a bigger one.
To reach an answer, it would take an infinite number of naughts -
so many in fact, the universe would be unable to contain them -
this is according to Graham's number equation.
The universe is expanding into an area of nothingness -
the nothingness of infinity -
where there are no boundaries -
no sudden dead end -
just nothing.
I believe infinity is the reflective reality of the universe
and that reflection is its only identity.
For there is nothing but an image,
and, the further you look into the image,
the further you travel away from reality.
Adding more naughts only adds to nothing.
For infinity surpasses all but itself -
except the space that lies inside my head.

by JJ Evendon

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Infinity, nothingness, without boundaries. infinity is the reflective reality of the universe infinity a concept which is beyond human imagination. but how often do we use it especially in religious circles. thank you for this thought provoking poem. tony