JW (9-20-92 / Dallas)

Where Is Eternity

Where Is Eternity

I remember walking out side in the dark,
It was a cold night
Something wasn’t right
Something I wasn’t sure of
I looked at the stars with a glare
Wondering what was it
Was I loosing my mind?
Or maybe I was going insane
No! No! No! That can’t be it
As I slowly turned around I saw myself dressed in blood,
As I look fore help
Where do I find it?
What was I suppose to do
I didn’t know what to do
I felt like I was in a nightmare, a dreadful nightmare
One that I could not get up from
As I scream for help, no one is there to hear my cries
I then see someone walking down the street
But they don’t see me
What is this, Am I dead
I most be dreaming
I’ve got to be dreaming
Someone wake me up
Save me? Jesus save me?
The Dark slowly fades and I’m still trying to find myself
What is this?
Why is this happening to me?
Then I realize its fore the better or worse
But why does it have to happen like this?
I begin to go, go somewhere
I have no idea what somewhere is
My life is gone, gone
Turn apart forever
Eternity doesn’t exist
Not where I’m going.

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...................differnt. but ok. not your best work or my fav but its ok.