Where Is He?

Where is he?
Where is the man
whose sweet smile can make me smile through my tears
whose eyes can penetrate my soul
whose arms will catch me when I fall
whose shoulder I can bury my tears in
whose mind I can fill with my worries, hopes, and dreams Where is he?
Where is the man
whose mouth will send a shiver of desire down my spine
whose eyes burn with passion as mine do
whose arms can hold me, even when I resist
whose shoulders will bruise when I hit them in a rage
whose voice can coax me into doing anything he wants Where is he?
Where is the man
that will cry on my shoulder
that will tell me his worries, hopes, and dreams
that I can take care of as he takes care of me
that I can read with just a look
that I will hold when he resists
that is mine, and mine only Where is he?

by Julianne Irvine

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