NL (03-10-1993 / People's Republic of China)

Where Is Love?

On the edge of my ledge,
I wonder,
If you still love me,
And if I still love you.

On the side of my bed,
I ponder,
If you are still mine,
And if I am still yours.

At the edge of the sky,
A bright star twinkles,
Is that a sign of love,
Or a symbol of rejection?

At the edge of reason,
I question,
Is the world against me,
Or am I just a joke?

At the verge of Insanity,
I ask myself,
If my heart is still with you,
Or have you shut your mind?

Near the brink of existence
I think hard,
If the world is cruel to me,
Or am I just cruel to the world?

Meditating on the facts,
Discovering who I am.

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I was touched and inspired by your poems. The words used were meaningful and most of all reminded me of one person who adores me. Reading them comfort me although i have lost contact with this person. This poem reminds me of the sweet memories that we had.