Where Is Modern Material World Leading To...?

In the material world of modern day, all are evaluated
On the basis of money value only sans any regard for
Human values such as honesty, truthfulness, empathy,
Mercy, humanness, friendship, love and all forever..!

Perhaps only when all are educated and become rich...,
Social quality of life may change for the better, all
Think and go on the route laid by commercially minded
Ones who are managing world economy in this fashion...!

Sans knowledge, health and good environment not being
Given importance, how such a state of change can be
Materialized in the near or far future world is a real
Million or billion dollar question needing answer sure!

Many such questions are there following the main question
For all to think, know and decide correctly for the world
To go on the right direction for the formation of One
World with the world body of nations to govern all as one!

by Ramesh T A

Comments (1)

I heartily agree with this. My only (minor) complaint is your use of the word sans twice. In my opinion such words (uncommon in everyday usage) would do best to be held to a minimum.