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Where Is Mr. Pumpkin Man?
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

Where Is Mr. Pumpkin Man?

Curly green tassel, wide toothless grin,
He's filled with fun, right up to the brim.
Hey, Mr. Pumpkin Man, shining so bright,
Where are you going this Halloween night?

Seeing you makes even witches cackle,
And floating ghosts laugh like dry leaves crackle.
Twirl little pumpkin, whirl in the night.
Mr. Pumpkin Man, you are a delight!

I see you skipping and prancing in the street,
Dancing and tapping to a moonlit beat.
Mr.Pumpkin Man, you make my heart beat with joy,
Because inside, you are my little boy!

A mother picked up her pen one dark night,
And wrote to the president through tear-blurred sight.
I wrote this poem for my boy long ago.
I wrote it because I loved him so.

You tell me my boy is Missing in Action.
Please don't stop looking, I beg with a passion.
All I have left is a memory,
And a love that cries, 'Bring him back to me! '

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