My Vision: Corruption Free India

Poem By Dr. Sada Bihari Sahu

Dear DeLuke
never refuke
never rebuke
where is she?
dear poetess Paida Mudzamba?
Where IS she
Gone to where?
Please call her back

you are the only one who are able

she introduced you PH
now you must call her back
she is your fellow resident
she is here since May 2013
she wrote four beautiful poesy

Dear DeLuke
never refuke
never rebuke
where is she?
dear poetess Paida Mudzamba?

a poem from Sylvia

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Anno Domini MONDAY 14 September 2020

Comments about My Vision: Corruption Free India

Lol. I missed this one. Yeah i will find her. Will update you I dont refute I will rebuke Paida for refusing To do PH From AM to PM Like DM and SFC Come and play Dont just pray
Paida Muzamba is a nice poetess who has joined Ph in 2013 and posted her three beautiful poems. You have amazingly noticed. She might be busy or might have discontinued but exact cause is not known. Still you wonder and we wonder. DeLuke was introduced by her and he can communicate her back again. An amazing poem is brilliantly penned. Poets and poetesses should return back to PH along with readers! 10

5,0 out of 5
7 total ratings

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