Where Is Rufus And What Did Rufus Do?

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Where is Rufus?
Was he walking down Fifth Avenue?
Was he carrying his 'light'...
To shine upon the masses leaning
On the slime slicked walls,
Of the caverns he enjoys?

Where is that boy?
'Rufus? '

I'm surprised he's not behind you now,
Minting his breath with peppermint shield...
As If to conceal his devotion to rock bottom!
Trying to hide the current 'opportunities' taken!
Everyone knows Rufus when he's 'fakin'!
There is no mistaking that!
A 'fakin' crook will hold you back!

Where is Rufus?
I thought you two met on Trumbull and Pratt?
Remember I was 'told' to stay where I was at?
You've got to remember how I balled my fist?
You don't remember this?
How about my ready to fight tight lips?

When you do see Rufus...
Tell him I want my wallet back!
I'm not a grinning politician,
I will kick his ass for that!
If he wants to see me evil...
Evil will be his in attack!
I'm not on that kind of mission,
I've reconditioned my position!

I hate to see him strung out like this,
He needs to end my suspicions,
By facing his condition!


Where is Rufus?
Don't hide his lieing ways,
Or try to keep him from his grave!
Unless you're here to get your pay!
Where is Rufus?
And what did he say?
And why are you looking,
Like you laid Rufus away?

Did he take you like he took me too?
Is that why you look at me like you do?

Where is Rufus?
He got you and you're screwed! ?
So you did him in,
To never do that again to you?

Where is Rufus?
'Rufus? '
And what did Rufus do? ?
Why do you have blood on your hands?
And why is there mud on your shoes?

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