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Where Is Spring?

No school for today,
There was no school yesterday,
And probably no school for tomorrow;
The children they are all glad,
And as for myself, I am sad,
I see nothing but headaches and sorrow.

The wind it is still blowing,
And once again it is snowing,
I now have a cold and I begin to sneeze;
The roads are all becoming slick,
The snow is coming down thick,
And tonight, me and the roads will freeze.

The stores they all are now closed,
Along with many of the roads,
At my house I am here and stranded;
I have a job to which I have to go,
But it is hard because of this snow,
I hate this weather, and I am not being candid.

The children are all out playing,
To my hate of winter they are betraying,
As they run and play and sing;
They all tend to forget about the sun,
With the warmth and the beauty and the fun,
How I pray for the arrival of spring.

Now going to work I cannot think twice,
And now I must walk upon the ice,
Then I must drive through this falling snow;
I miss the sun and the warm weather,
It seems like it has been gone from me forever,
Maybe; I should have been born an Eskimo.

Randy L. McClave

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