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Where Is The Justice?

How does one reconcile
Something that is so vile
How does on continue on
When all hope is but gone

A pain that laid within
How does one start to begin
To explain to those outside
Something that one must hide

An innocents life taken
And have left others shaken
A little girl left alone
Many are her clone

What happens to her today
Its years on; some may say
The little girl remembers
And seeks justice; burning embers

A dream; a resolution crushed
Because its all so hushed
Society does not care
It does not seem that fair

What the little girl endured
It cannot be easily cured
The memory will not go
Thoughts too and fro

What is this evil you may ask
What makes her cry; where the mask
What has taken away her dreams
What is the mighty sounds and screams

The father many years before
Made her hide in fear; and more
Scared, crying to huddled small
Hiding; daring she may fall

Scared of his unwanted advances
Hiding her fear of the glances
She wanders through the world
Rose coloured glasses; now unfurled

She thought that the world was fair
Seemly far off; if she would dare
Take on the courts or seek a trial
For this known pedophile

For today she has lost her hope
She has learnt that and cannot cope
That the trial would be a fast
Because injustice is here at last

He would not spend prison time
He would not pay for the crime
Of taking 6 years from her life
Of causing all this awful strife

The little child is so sad
As I explained what is so bad
She must cry in pain
Sick and dreadful must remain

What can I tell the little child
That adults think that it is so mild
That she lived in fear for years
Injustice fills her tears.

There is one last compensense
For poetry makes so much sense
She can release it in this rhyme
Crying for the unknown crime

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Langston Hughes


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Another strong piece on child abuse, Whitedove. Taking pain and turning into artistic expression is a healing process. Through art you can redeem the shame and help empower the self. It can help transmute the issues and ultimately lead to transcendence. Peace, HDC