Where Is The Other World?


Where is the other world?
What is the other world?
Is there Another World?
What do the Dead do after they die?
Is the Life in the Other World a real life?
Do we know each other as persons in the Other World?
Are we better and kinder there?
Do we love others there in a truer way?
Are we closer to God there?
Is the Other World being with God?
What can it mean to be with God?

Why when we die do we not die forever?
Is there another world?
Do we live forever in it?
Does God love us there?
Are we still the same people in the other world
That we were here?
What can it mean to live a life
In the other world?
Why should those in the other world enjoy their time and eternity there
When down here
Those who love them
Grieve for them so?

What is the Other World
And what could it mean
To be in it with all others forever,
When our world here is still going on?
Why do we live and die here?
What is the other world exactly?
Where is the other world?
Who is in it now?

by Shalom Freedman

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