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Where Is The Rage

Where is all the rage
For placing a child in a cage,
Treating them not as a child
But, as a beast from the wild.
Putting them behind iron bars
What if that child was ours,
What would you and I then do
Would we let them stay as an animal in a zoo.
They scream for their mother's and fathers
But, to their captors they're prisoners and bothers,
Treating them and seeing them like a tramp
In a hateful, filthy concentration camp.
Don't you dare criticize or blame their parents
"Free the children"! scream the declarants,
All they wanted was a home to rest their head
Now they can in a filthy prison bed.
Now let's all fill up all the Church's pews
Let's not us forget about the treatment of the Jews,
As they too were hated and locked up in jails
No one cared then for the children's prayers and wails.
I blame not the government or ice
Where their souls and integrity has a price,
I don't blame them for their evil or for a child's tears
I blame the people, with their fingers in their ears.

Randy L. McClave

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