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#where Is The Shine?
AI aryaindia india (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

#where Is The Shine?

Darkness bends through the light of its path
Rounded corners grace the royal symphony
Sound dispels the streaks of eerie silence
As mirth revels pompously in the lonely heart
Asking within - where is the shine?

Whimpering music lightens the breezy feel
Intent on giving joy to sealed aspirations
Wherefore does the soul bounce delightedly
When graced by the succinct peals of joy
Asking without - where is the shine?

Truth justifies the spirit of candid appeal
Throwing care to the winds of restlessness
Harboured maze of frenzied hopefulness
While closer sentiments delight the heart
Asking freely - where is the shine?

Within, without, freely I declare
The shine is here - within, without, freely
In the heart - in my soul! ! ! !

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Comments (1)

yes; 'it' shines there...i too can visualise...great piece Arya...a poem very much evocative bold truth-telling...10