AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)

Where Is Your Heart Now?

I love you,
yes you are right
nothing has changed between us darling,
I've had just this sad night
Because of this what you said to me recently
it's hard to me sometimes
to find out again this reality around,
yes you need someone by your side,
maybe I don't like my life at all
but I don't know how could i change this now
I lived in this dream about perfect love
and now I have to wake up for a while
everything is good if we feel both good with this so
I'll try to accept you new life and love now


but it was just a week ago
when you said
that you are mine
that you love me
and that I should remember this
how it is now
my sweet
how it is
where is your heart
where it is?
tell me please

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