Where One Is

It was another night
In places where many people shared common abodes
Only in the darkness of the night

Upon us now, is daylight
In places where many more people, share spaces
No one can escape the passing hours, of daylight

Be it round, or flat, the earth
Is shared by millions, in places and in spaces
Because it was designed that way, this beautiful earth

It is perhaps of great significance, the place where on is
So focus on which is needed in that space
To help improve conditions for all, wherever on is
SIGNS OF AUTUMN Signs of Autumn create beautiful scenes
That can be seen by human being
The air emits its aromatic blends
Of delicate fragrance that the environment lends
And that which other nature's blends send

Signs of Autumn are everywhere
Not all on the ground, in colors of brown, or in the air
With creatures picking things bare, some engaging in duels
The cool breeze, now colder, is a reminder to re fuel
Nature's charge is obeyed, and Autumn is on schedule

by Lillie B. Crowder

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