Where Poets Meet

Poem By Bullion Grey

Long way, down the journeys road,
past the brambles, past the slowed,
up the top, and down again,
round the trees, just up the bend,
look for other, souls of light,
images standing side by sight,
Not to many, just a few,
gather to word, the vision the view,
some with tears, others with smiles,
type out their fears, victories and trials,
voices of spirit, soundless text,
imagination's assignment gathering next,
presence of the Eternal Mind, a transcendent mystical treat,
yet uncommon when you find, the magical spot where poets meet.

Comments about Where Poets Meet

What a beautiful piece of writing. I love the spot where poets meet.
Absolutely brilliant....definitely agree with Viola...drips off the tongue like honey. Will add to my favorites. thanks, Roshni.
Excellent writing...indeed it is a treat to find the place poets meet...10+++
the Muse indeed visited you, and left quite the inspiration....this is a great one to read aloud, it simply drips off the tongue like honey.

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