Where's Daddy?

Poem By Seamus Shaneous

Daddy, Daddy, where are you?
I need you here with me
You said that you weren’t going far
But it’s you I cannot see

Who’s gonna teach me right from wrong?
Who’s gonna play ball with me?
You weren’t there when I broke my arm
Or when I got my surgery

Why is mommy always crying?
It’s over these so called bills
Why did mommy go to the doctor?
To get these so called pills

How could you leave me out to dry?
It’s like you never even cared
You don’t know my life story
You were never ever there

You made me tons of promises
But never showed for one
I sat for hours waiting for you
Excuses were all that would come

Now I’m grown and on my own
I’ll make it without your greed
All I wanted when I grew up
Was a father to follow his lead

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