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Where's My Time?

Where does all the time go?
When we are done using it, where does it go?
Do we keep some of it?
Or does it become a memory and we kiss it good-bye?
Why can't we keep more than a memory?
Why can't we have more time?
What if we want more time with a friend?
Why does time slow down when we want it to go faster,
and when we want a moment to last forever, its gone?
What if sadness consumed our time, do we get it back?
Is there a way to always spend our time wisely?
Our life spans, are they time?
Our pets, do they only have a certain amount of time given?
Time is priceless...
Spend it with the people you truely love.
Spend it with your sisters and brothers.
Spend it with your parents and family.
Never waste your time.

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Comments (2)

Time is short, so let us all spend quality time with loveones.Thanks for sharing. Good write.
A lesson in a poem..good job!