Where's Waldo

Poem By Diana Poems

Out of all the people

Where’s Waldo

Where can I find the stripes of red

In a sea of dread

Out of all the people

Where’s Waldo

Where can I find those magnified eyes

That gleam into mine

Where’s Waldo

In a world where a million turns into a billion

Where’s Waldo

Where dreams are changed in a minute

And time runs by every second

Where’s Waldo

When I’m swinging on a swing in the middle of winter

And the cold air stings like a splinter

Where’s Waldo

To warm me up when I don’t have a jacket

To kiss me when he’s got a cold and then I catch it

Where’s Waldo

When the sun sets over the horizon

And I’m covered in darkness until morning has risen

Where’s Waldo

Where can I find someone to feel pride with

And stop believing that true love is a myth

Where’s Waldo

In a world where true inspiration is misunderstood

Where love songs become crude

Where’s Waldo

Wish I can go back in time and find me one from the 20’s

When love was sacred and not delirious

Where’s Waldo

In these times it’s easy to give up

As divorce rates overfill the cup

Where’s Waldo

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