Where Sea And Shoreline Meet

Poem By Cicero Grey

Where sea and shoreline meet
On long and lanky feet
A lonely bird, a hungry bird
In search for som’ to eat.

The salty stinging sea
In sympathy, said she
“A bit to bite, a mini mite
Is all I have for thee.'

So generous was she
The salty stinging sea
She pulled her silky sapphire skirts
So gently to her knees.

The grainy gravelly ground
Revealed for miles around
Was filled with holes of big and small
Comestibles abound.

The sun set in the west
The shore was put at rest
The bird went back, her skirts went slack
As left, with thanks, the guest.

Where sea and shoreline meet
On long and muddy streets
A lonely trace of lanky feet
In search for som’ to eat.

Comments about Where Sea And Shoreline Meet

another beautiful poem.. nice structure, full of imagination..
This is a beautiful poem, Jiin. It made me feel like I was there. Thanks.

4,3 out of 5
2 total ratings

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