MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Where Shadows Cloud

Where shadows cloud an infant mind
Where darkness daunts the soul
Man’s spirit being far from blind
Can seek and find it’s goal

God can hear a snowflake’s fall
The growing of a tree
Sinners heeding Salvation’s call
And all that’s yet to be

To Him! The futures loud and clear
The past’s still present now!
The blind the lost living in fear
Who’s knees to Him will bow

He sees the heart the soul within
The secret thoughts are plain
A humble child content to win
What arrogance seeks in vain

He sees the sheep the lambs astray
Their crying in the night
The sinful souls who seek The Way
To walk within The Light

What should one do when knowing this?
What hope has man to thrive?
How can we suffer no remiss?
Even to survive

Impossible so Jesus says
Victory can no man boast
Only who’ll change their evil ways
Wrought through The Holy Ghost

Free! To man, each woman and child
Hearing Salvation’s voice
Will henceforth cease their running wild
And make God’s Son their choice……

by Michael P. Johnson

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Beautiful poem which I enjoyed thoroughly! Thanks.