Where The Body Is Without Fear....

Thirty-seven years back
the ill-fated bus journey
in the morning hours
from Rengali to Debgarh
a major breakdown in the bus
12 kms from Debgarh
only 10 o'clock in the morning
passengers stranded
alas! thats the only bus in the day
myself and one more
chose to walk down
with luggages in hand
one hour passed
we had to cross a hill
with dense forests
all on a sudden
dark clods came
with lightning and thunder
rain started cats and dogs
no umbrella
with luggages over my head
I had to walk in the rain
fully drenched
frightened with lightning
with the danger of bears roaming around
where to take shelter?
what to do? ?
we were still walking
a small hut visible from a distance
as if God showed me the path..
to take shelter in the hut
till rain stopped
and then we walked
for two hours more
reaching the destination.

by Kishore Kumar Das

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Through out the journey of life, God helps everybody in many occasions......