Where The Butterflies Go

Poem By Pearletta Pate

Fluttering gracefully, without making a sound.
Higher and higher the butterflies are bound.
Wing's floating lightly, on the crisp air.
Fluttering wing's bigger, than butterflies body.
Impossible to weigh the butterflies down.

Swooping down close to the ground.
The butterflies search endlessly. Swirling, circling
searching, for a special place close to the ground.
The butterflies wings bigger, than butterflies legs.
Impossible to weigh the butterflies down.

Surely, butterflies would noticed clovers' fragrant array?
Butterflies playful chorus landing, amongst clovers
purple and white blossoms.
Impossible to weigh the delicate flower down.
The butterflies, with brillant winged colors
perched atop the clover. Floundered a short time,
admist the clover, only to take flight again.

Where the butterflies go. The answer is plain to see.
The butterflies go wherever they please.

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