Where The Future Has No Name

Voices from forests
move in to the cities
the Metropolitan blues
gets his voice

by Madrason writer Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

A poignant rendition nicely brought forth with insight. Thanks for sharing.
I forgot to write: A 10 for the poem. Fascinating!
IF I may say, the title is referring to people who live in greatest poverty, then the future has no name. Sad to read the truth in this poem. Brilliant poem though a brevity, its meaning is clear, IF I have read the words as it might be. A poem is to be interpreted in many ways, sheer poetry.
Where the future has no name is a profound poem on what will be.
Nice work a well enjoying read.
Flows well, nicely crafted poem.
nice poem, description of nature is beautiful in the poem, , if you find time please read some of my poems and leave your comments.