Where The Gods Sleep

Climbing, climbing ever upward
Entering the kingdom of the Gods
This is where they sleep.
First the growth of trees
Thickness like before never seen
Then verdant to extreme.

This is the place where orchids grow free
Never seen by man in his quest for them
Butterflies so thick that one stops
And waits for the migration to proceed
One could imagine how buffalo, like these
Once ranged in numbers without count.

This flight of yellow ones
Intent, they move as one
Quickly with the wind.
Then they are gone
And the silence of the trees
Captures again the senses.

Look up, look up!
And above, not far away
Clouds like steam billowing
So close that you can touch or taste.
Breath them in,
It is the elixir of the Gods.

Move on, move on and upward
And then above the clouds.
Below is like the sea
Waves cascading against the rocks and crags
Sometimes a tree top like driftwood
Cast into view then submerged in white surf.

Mexico, how I love you!

by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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