Where The Ineffable Tao Utters

Poem By Ayni Poet

Adrenaline curtails its molecules,
Therefore, emotions temper their fuss.

Passion exhausts its pathos,
Thus blood is free from boiling and alteration.

Expectations become inert to the outcome,
So things are naturally proceeding from Tao.

Intellect rubs out its cleverness,
Thus wisdom raises from underneath.

Rush puts on hold its alertness,
Thus one can enjoy sipping slow in life.

Selfishness sinks its vitriolic margins,
Therefore what is multiple gathers into one.

Ego collapses its illusory appearance,
Happiness is no longer aspired but inherent.

Goodness releases its morality,
Sprouting bona fide from a pure heart.

Speech dims its neat metaphors,
Tao is noble, simple and wordless.

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