CMM (1953 june / Glasgow Scotland.)

Where The Passion Flower Grows

Lay down on your pillow
and turn the lights down low
let me take you to the garden
where the passion flower grows

Close your eyes and enter dreams
as love's emotion sets the scene
and flitters through the garden
where the passion flower grows

Touch the tender petals
of the flower as she grows
a tentative endeavour
as your feelings overflow

Let me draw you to the place
where ecstasy can be embraced
the beauty of the garden
where the passion flower grows

Feel your mind exploding
in the heavy scented air
experience the shiver
as your captured unaware

A little touch of heaven
where imagination flows
the valley in the garden
where the passion flower grows.

by Charles M Moore

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Comments (8)

Wow, good stuff, Charles! Cleverly worded and brilliantly arranged! ! Brian
that was perfectly passionate! !
Beautiful write...wonderful flow...Perfect passion!
Erotic perfection indeed, nuanced just so... The mood is beautifully passionate. Love this...
The passion flower is, indeed, an exotic and fragrant bloom. It travels far to find a suitable place to climb, flourishing from shaded root to sunlit glory. A passionate and beautiful flower of a poem.
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