(March 28,1987 / )

Where The Sky Meets The Land

Where the sky meets the land
Where the prairie grass grows
The home of the wild mustang
Is never far from those
The mountains in the distance,
Purple against the deep blue sky,
Are a perfect backdropp to a life
That is always on the move
Great herds of buffalo move slowly
Like big carpets of brown on green
Flowers grow abundantly everywhere
Among these things are the wild horses
They move and live in herds
And always move from place to place
Streams are a way of life
A gem of blue in a meadow
Of emerald colored grass
The sunsets are fiery red orange
In the evening western sky
The winter is covered in
A great expanse of sparkling white
The white snow flies in all directions
As the horses travel across the long plains
Their coats heavy with sweat
Who can say that they can tame
The very Wild West,
The land of the mustangs

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