Where The Sun Sleeps

Poem By Amberlee Carter

I would rather wake while
the dawn rushes me,
to move in the stillness
of divine placement-
and know that clouds will always stare in silence
as I return home.

where mother earth and sister sky meet,
yes, the sun prepares to sleep-
where angels glide unseen, yet I know them,
yes, the wind
I have felt the movement of their wings.

Oh day! awaken anew.
breathe upon the yawning mountains, the sleepy fields,
breathe upon the road
I must travel, far from here -
take me where the sun prepares to sleep

To death, to death-
we all must die

Comments about Where The Sun Sleeps

I like the first four lines.
some will try to figure out their talent when others have to preserve it

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3,2 out of 5
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