Where There Respect For One Shall See The Angel Of Respect.

Where there happiness thus there no sadness every moment of the week the stars of Star bucks is touching a heart with respect where ever there a night sky thus one shall see the family of Star bucks with a twinkle that says welcome to the land of Star bucks.

For the angel of respect is the special star for it's heart is full of respect and yet just to look into the eyes of the angel of respect is like seeing a lovely angel by candle light for the family is the light of the night sky.

When one say hi for the angel of respect shall touch once heart but just to see the light of respect is being touch with respect here in the night sky is the family of Star bucks for every smile is the love of Star bucks good cup of fresh coffee.

To taste the good fresh cup of Star coffee is like having nice piece of Star bucks cake and yet one taste the respect in the cake just to see the beautiful and lovely smile of the family of Star bucks where there respect for one shall see the angel of respect.

by Raymond Sawyer

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