SAH ( / )

Where We Belong.

> 'Where will I go.
> When you don't need me anymore.
> I am left with my only foe.
> In the deepest nights filled with crows.
> Guess we are the only ones who knew where we belong.
> Not in the hearts of friends, only strangers is what we won.
> Where will I go
> When I know I don't be needed.
> The things I did was count's as I never deeded.
> What of the times I needed someone.
> To help me with my ordeal in which I dwell.
> There is no one now to help nor where then.
> they left where I was before, when they saw me in my own hell.
> Where will I go.
> I can't think about it anymore.
> Left with doubts and my heart sore.
> For there are no friends nor will there be any foe.

by Syed Anas Hussaini

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