Where We Live In Comfort.

Where Godse becomes Martyr;
Where Conversion of Religion is a matter of victory;
Where hatred becomes triumphant;
Where terrorism is legal;
We live there in perfect comfort!

Where open kissing is forbidden;
Where gay sex is a taboo;
Where lesbianism is hateful;
Where Valentine's Day is prohibited;
We live there in perfect comfort!

Here taking bribe is legal;
Here going to brothels at night is a status;
Here rape is a trifle matter;
Here goons order the police;
Here black money is white;
Here Minister's order is the last word;
Here child abusers are not punished;
Here Human Rights is only for the culprits;
Here hypocrisy goes side by side;
Here corrupted politicians are the only intellectuals;
We live there in perfect comfort!

We live proudly and give lectures loudly!
We are nothing but empty vessels trumpeted shamelessly, live life shrewdly!

by Sudipta Bhattacharyya

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