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Where Were You?

Where were you when times got hard?
When my hand would reach toward the cold glass shard,
When I cut down deep
And prayed that forever I would sleep
When I wished that I had never even been born
And the happiness of childhood I would mourn

Where were you when I tried to hide the scars?
With the wristband that held all my shooting stars
I lived through so many lies
When all I wanted was to lie down and die
To give up everything that I had
Because at the end of the day I felt that bad

Where were you when I wanted my pain to be seen?
When I left the clues in the pockets of my jeans
I needed help and wanted it too
But you were always too busy; would it have matter if I’d said boo?
Did you ever really care?
Because you always acted as though you were unaware

Where were you when I wanted to talk?
When on those lovely summer days I would go for those long walks
I would just wander around and think
While listening to those words I loved by Blink
They always got me through
But then I’d think of you

Where were you when I wished it would end?
Because I could no longer pretend
When I felt I had nothing left in my life
So once again I’d reach for that knife
But this was meant to be my final time
Just as I was reaching the age that should have been my prime

Where were you when I wished I could go back?
When reality came over me and everything turned black
I needed comfort, just someone to be there
But all I had were those four walls, which all were bare
I had lots of things that I needed to say
But I missed that chance because I chose not to stay

Where were you when I took those final breaths?
When once again there was an untimely death
And now I can picture my lonely grave
Which will say that something I never was, was brave
The grave will be bare, the only one with no flowers
And there will be no one, just sitting for hours

Where were you when I was found?
Once again you were never around
If I’d found that number, maybe I would’ve been able to dial
And then I could’ve walked my few thousand miles
Maybe then I’d still be here
To go out with my friends and enjoy a beer

Where were you when I was finally laid to rest?
Yes, you were there, was I meant to feel blessed?
You were never there before, why do you show your face now?
You never gave me love, I just see you as that cow
Is this what you wanted? For this to be where my life led
Because now here I am, cold and dead

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oohhh...thats a sad piece but well-written i hope you find him and i hope he comes soon to help you -curly