Where Will Grandpa Go?

Poem By Dee Daffodil

'Where will Grandpa go? '
'What do you mean? '
'His mind...where will his mind go? '

Well some people believe that
When a person leaves...they go on a journey
The body stays behind
Because the spirit or soul
No longer needs it'

'It's really up to each person
What exactly they believe in
When it comes to 'death'
When your Grandma and Grandpa on my side died
I preferred to think that they were free to travel
Wherever they wanted...
I'm pretty certain when each of you was born
They were somewhere up above looking down
And in their own way...being joyful
I could feel them nearby'

'I think that Grandpa might start by going back to Scotland
Maybe he'll visit the Highlands for awhile...
What do you think? '

'Hmmm...what about Westport? '(a former residence much loved)
'Ohhh yes...I think you're right about that!
Maybe that's why I've been thinking about it so much lately...
I think we need to plant a garden! '

Grandpa began his journey
Not long after this conversation between my daughter and I...
There were many tears, all around
Because we loved him so
My daughters gently kissed and hugged him
To wish him on his way

I don't believe in sheltering my kids from life
I believe in being honest with them and openly discussing
Things that might be on their minds
They have experienced death...
And know that it is part of life
They know that is not something to fear...
But just the next step in the journey

Dee Daffodil (HW) 6 April,2009

Comments about Where Will Grandpa Go?

Sorry to hear the sad news... and good for you, teaching about life so honestly. Best wishes. -chuck
Dee, Very touching! It is indeed up to each person as to what they believe and your children seem on a healthy track to establishing their own belief system. They are fortunate to have parents that are willing and able to give them guidance as they work through these issues themselves. Condolences to your entire family. B.V.A.

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