KH ( / jackson ms)

Where You Are

The room still smells
Like the pants you wore last night
Wild and musty
Dragging me into memories
Of you and me
Hot and steamy
Livid in the heat of repressed love
Or was it lust
To see you go killed me
To wake and be left with your essence
Wafting in and out
Man perfume blown to hell by the air conditioner
Wasted on the bed sheets that still cling
Even though my skin has since dried
Was my heart supposed to ache...?
To miss what had only now been revealed
A talent show that touched too deep
Lying silent
In the darkness sealed by tight curtains
Hanging on the remnants of our passion and your scent
What I would give to be where you are

by kimberly hays

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Kimberly, such a lovely write👍👍👍