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Where You Going?
MA (12/26/1955 / Tipton Indiana)

Where You Going?

Poem By Mitzi Albright

My brain is just a macramé
Of twisted tangled threads
I look at all the folks I know
And what’s inside their heads

Do they see all the things I see
And do they really know
The danger that is facing them
Or where they’re going to go

I rise with indignation
And try to speak my peace
But they just walk on past me
Filling up the streets

They stare right through my presence
As though I am not there
All I want is just to reach them
Show them that I care

So I scream out with passion
Pleading for their time
But they always roll their eyes at me
As if it is a crime

Someday I will reach them
Make a difference in their day
Till then I guess I’ll have to wait
And just be on my way

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This will ring many bells - thank you Mitzi