Wherever You're Laying Your Eyes

Poem By Alice Baudoin

Everything’s the memory of you
No winners, no losers
Just an unbearable pain
And memories

Like serpents, crawling around you
Touching you, breathing at you,
Wherever you’re laying your eyes
Whatever you’re tempting to reach

Every corner reminds me of you
You’re everywhere
You’re the emerald necklace I wear
All graceful moments
Ineffable moments

Every picture I see recalls our past,
Still alive and pure and strong,
Every sun at the birth of a beautiful morning
Reminds me an eternal first hello,
A first touch, a first word of the day
First I love you

The innocent eyes
Of those around us
Remind me your eyes
And the years of tears
The years of laughter
Not abandoned by love

The bottom leaves are purple in autumn
An inattentive brush of a painter
Has sparkled them with color
Like blood
Has dropped out
From the wounds of our soul

I’m stoned, paralyzed with pain
The autumn wind caressing my being
Unbearably, like suffocation

There’s a time for everything
For joy, laughter
For pain and for death

Comments about Wherever You're Laying Your Eyes

story of life we are all learning to die..hoping it would be on our terms. pain and sadness all ingredients we taste.

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