Whetting Of Appetites

Once the teaching of feeding greed,
Becomes the feeling of an entitled addicted life...
The concept of sacrifice initiates the starting of a fight.
As a dimming of an insight,
Struggles against the aspects of this vision.

And those who have been fed they have rights to feast,
Will do their best to keep a diminishing of resources...
Flowing as if warnings of an ending that comes,
Is interpreted to mean...
A different chef has been hired with a fresh menu.

Will be making a presentation of a new buffet,
Needing opinion.
With a hopeful collected approval.
And a teasing meant to make the whetting of appetites,
With anticipation...
A delightful surprise for the eyes when it has arrived.

Any other concept that introduces a dwindling of supplies,
Becomes immediately denied as an impending reality.
Since greed and the ending of it has never been fed to accept.
Or the paying of a piper to play individual requests.
When the piper appears no requests are accepted.
The piper appears to get paid.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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