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Which Bland Existence Has A Bigger Fan Base?
( / Connecticut)

Which Bland Existence Has A Bigger Fan Base?

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Which bland existence
Has a bigger fan base?
A dollar worth less,
Than half of its value...
Is falling faster as propaganda rises,
To keep lifestyles fantasized.

Lies are blatant...
As those who speak truth,
Are criticized and despised
For trying to correct by...
Eliminating the act of spying.
While religious zealots,
Dance hypocritically from pulpits.
With sermons denouncing demons!
To leave congrgations in hunger.
Driving away in luxury,
Tax free!
On ther backs of those who give!

Which bland existence,
Has a bigger fan base?
The one already mentioned?
Or the one reality is for them out of place!

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Leading, for apparent reasons, to a VERY cynical America...because we don't know WHO to believe? Good writing, Lawrence, and truthful. I like the line 'driving away in luxury, TAX FREE! '