Which Does Seem A Very Sad Thing For To Say

Most human beings who die in an unnatural way die at the hands of their own kind
The names of so many mass murderers do come to mind
So many far too many even to attempt to name
Who have died with the guilt of humanity's greatest crimes of shame
Moses fifth commandment broken many times every day
And some people die in a very foul way
The numbers of premeditated murders are on the rise
Suppose with the increase in the human population this comes as no surprise
Of deaths by gun, bomb and knife every day we do hear
Some people of their own kind of their lives live in fear
Too many seem lacking in compassion and empathy
And they do take out their anger in crimes against humanity
And people are murdered and maimed by their own kind every day
Which does seem a very sad thing for to say.

by Francis Duggan

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