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Which Door?

Yes, I have a fear of doors.
Both metal doors and definetly physical doors.

The mental ones would be the hardest.
As one one door closes, another one opens.
What if one doesnt open.
Will you be stuck there forever, in the dark?
Waiting for something to happen.
Like a depression you can never escape.
All the doors are locked forever.
You going to each one and trying to unlock them.
But I always have the wrong key.
The doors are so beautiful.
What they hold inside must be great too if i could open them.
Just a peek inside would change everything.
As one door closes, another one opens.
What if one didnt open?
I wouldn't want to stay in the dark forever.
How could you break away forever.
No need for a door, but you keep on going.
Trying each door.
You knock but they'll decide if they want to open.

I'm afraid of doors.
Both mental and physical.
Thats something I will never be able to break away from.
When you open a door, it takes you to a different place.
From one place to another.
A bunch of rooms and places connected together and we make a world.
A world of rooms and places waiting for you to open the door and see what it holds.
What if you open a door, and then the place isnt there anymore?
What if our world is breaking apart with empty doors.
Empty doors lead where?
To a hole in the universe?
Somewhere were once we enter, we cant come back?
I know being afraid of doors is weird and crazy, but what if it did happen.
Of course most will say we will deal with it when it happens, but what if its to late?
Im afraid of what the door holds for me.
A person with a weapon?
A murderer with a weapon?
The wait of knowing that something will happen?
Yeah, i guess.
But then some i open and it shows a dark room.
Some show a dark room and the darkness is its own world.
A world in which we cant explain what it is.
What it is and what it holds for us.
Those are my fears of doors.
And i still go on with my life opening all kinds of doors. :)

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