Which Sickness Is Preferred

If it helps to heal,
Why would sugar be added...
To the naturalness of anything tasted,
Concealing its true identity?
When eventually a curiosity will seek truth.
With a creating of havoc,
That could have been avoided.

Are factors attached to control issues,
THAT addicting...
To keep a people seeking chaos,
As a means that keeps them with beliefs...
A power over others is theirs to have eternally?
Is a sickness more dangerous than any weapon used.

How thick are the heads of those mindless?
And to what degree are their beliefs twisted?

What is it on 'this' Earth,
Is perceived by anyone is theirs forever to keep?
Devastation, annihilation, with nonexistence?
To leave behind no human evidence?
Which sickness is preferred,
To implement by these mentally diseased creatures?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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