While A Ticking Clock One Watches

There are those who for years have sat,
In bitterness that angers.
Over something unforgotten from a past.
And seeking to explain their side of held revenge.
As life passes them by...
Keeping wrapped and trapped inside.
Hoping someone gives them a listening ear.
To hear lingering sad melodies.
Repeated to seethe the same agonies.
And wanting anyone who comes along,
To spare some empathy.
But how much of that can one be expected to give?
As one continues to sit,
Trembling in fits of anguish!
While a ticking clock one watches...
Will someday come for that one to stop!
And 'who' will have that time for them to drop?
When today...
Living in faded yesterdays,
Is no way today to live!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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