Dead Minds Confined

Ignorance to have it pleasured,
Has fed enough to those served.
Regardless if more of it is craved.

It is the only feeding preferred.
And the main meal eaten,
For the ones who just want...
Their serving of dessert first.

So many have been hypnotized.
Without realizing,
Themselves they hurt.
Mentally, spiritually and morally.
To have begun to curse,
A doing of their own births.

Seen dragging themselves around.
As best as they can.
Refusing to believe how blessed they are.
But that concept to accept,
They will never understand.

Walking with the same nonsense to talk.
From dead minds confined.
As if trapped inside bodies.
Their own homegrown coffins.
And awaiting that day for that slow ride,
In a hearse to have had their deaths certified.

'Why did you scream,
During the 'wake'? '

~I could not believe,
How much better he looked.
And it shocked me to see that.~

'You didn't scream,
When we went to her wake last week.'

~I expected her to look better.
She looked like death on a stick.
And thank God,
They didn't put that wig on her head.~

'There are so many of us leaving.
One would think they are responding,
To invitations.'

~No one given life,
Has it permanently.~

'I know that, but gee...
Why live it over-rehearsed for death?
To have no life left to live.'

I do know this.~

'What is that? '

~In the past two weeks,
I have eaten some of the best desserts...
I have 'ever' had.
At each repast.
And I am not embarrassed at all,
To ask for the recipes.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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If we're all meant to die, then what's the meaning of... Death............. What do we choose to do with the short time given Death and life a big question. philosophic? ? nice to think about.. if we are to die why should we be born. the answer is we will not die.... even if we die here on earth, we will live again in the eternity with God in heaven. so i believe. very nice poem.