Xlvi. _Love's Flame Doth Feed On Age._

Se da' prim' anni.

If some mild heat of love in youth confessed
Burns a fresh heart with swift consuming fire,
What will the force be of a flame more dire
Shut up within an old man's cindery breast?
If the mere lapse of lengthening years hath pressed
So sorely that life, strength, and vigour tire,
How shall he fare who must ere long expire,
When to old age is added love's unrest?
Weak as myself, he will be whirled away
Like dust by winds kind in their cruelty,
Robbing the loathly worm of its last prey.
A little flame consumed and fed on me
In my green age: now that the wood is dry,
What hope against this fire more fierce have I?

by Michelangelo Buonarroti

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tied in knots of comprehension Such a great poem, Noelle...Congrats for being chosen! SweetLyrehc
An excellent read. You have written a wonderful poem.
Complex and yet imminently readable. Need to read more of her work to see if this is her typical style... either way I think I like her
Writing is healing to the soul. We write to express what we cannot say.
Such a great poem, Noelle... congrats for being chosen...10+++*
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