You'Re Unique!

Think what a remarkable,
Unduplicateable and Miraculous thing, it's to be you!
Of all people who are to come,
And have gone from this Earth,
Since the begininng of time,
Not one of them is like you!
No one who has ever lived or,
To come has had your combination!
Of abilities, Talents, appearance, friends,
Acquistances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities,
No one's finger prints are like yours,
No one prays about exactly
The same concerns as you,
No one is loved by same combination of,
People that love you.....
No one, you're absolutely unique!

Enjoy the uniqueness!
You're meant to be different,
Nowhere in history will the same,
Things be going on in anyone's mind,
Soul, Spirit as one going on in yours right now,
If you didn't exist,
There would be a hole in creation,
A gap in history,
Something missing from the plan for humankind,
Treasure your uniqueness!
It's a gift only given to you,
No one can reach out to others,
In the same way you can,
No one can speak your sweet words,
No one can convey your meaning,
No one can comfort,
With your hands of solace,
No one can bring your kind of,
Understanding to another person,
No one can be cheerful,
Lighthearted and joyous in your way,
No one can smile like you whilst I'm smiling,
No one else can bring the whole
Unique impact of you to another humanbeing!
No one I can love so much like you,
No one I can show such appreciations,
Only you I can love with whole my heart,
You're unique!

by Raheem Lyttle Cephas Kiyaga

Comments (5)

............wonderfully penned, when spring does arrive, it's well worth the wait ★
And hither tempt the pilgrim steps of spring.- - - - - - - - - - ] I love love love it when writers use words where we are not accustomed to seeing them used. The poem is quiet knowledgeable about the weather systems of his area and quite knowledgeable about the plant and animal life around his home. trustful birds have built their nests amid The shuddering boughs, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ] is a lovely line and usage of the word shuddering to describe those boughs. I wish it sounded less like a text book though. He knows what he is talking about but I am not getting the sense that he knows why.he is talking about it.
A lovely sonnet with vivid descriptions of early spring. I agree with Kim, that there is a lack of feeling - this poem is more like a snapshot of a scene, rather than an expression of the writer's personal connection to what he is observing. There is a place for simple snapshots.
Steps of spring! ! Nice work.
A well-crafted sonnet. Perfect in form, but (for me) lacking in feeling.