While You Sleep

Your lights are out now, I can feel it.
Your world follows a different drummer.
But while you sleep, let me reveal it:
What I'm too shy to say this summer.
Your eyebrows, nose and chin and ears,
your lashes, dimples, eyes with tears,
your lovely lips, your neck and throat,
the rest stays covered -undercoat.
It's all so perfect, a delight.
And now you're resting in your night.
So, different shores have different sounds,
it takes long ties to fashion bounds,
I'm sending you some ESP
to buzz your head just like a bee,
to land so softly on your lips
and make repeated tasty dips.
To drink your nectar and be merry
you lovely, sweet Manukaberry.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Your poetry is incredible. It's always just what I need...I hope it's what she needs...=)