While You Weren'T Here

While you weren't here,
A million tears fell from eyes never clear,
I cried myself to sleep every night,
And when I woke things still weren't right.

While you weren't here
I hoped with every last hope
That I did everything that I possibly could
That the decisions I made were thought to be good

While you weren't here
Things just went on year after year
I gained a lot of strength with age
And all the time life turned a new page

While you weren't here
Every once and a while I'd still shed a tear
But I just tried to keep on keepin on
I knew what didn't kill me would only make me strong

While you weren't here
My world was rearranged
My life had become different
Without you here it was forever changed

While you weren't here
I had to learn to be alone
To stand on my two feet
To make my own home

So that's where I am now
At this stage of my life
I am still scared and alone
And still coping with strife

And oh how I wish things could be different
That we could still sit and chat,
To the times where you went I went,
But that's all I can do is wish for that.

To go back to a time before

You weren't here.

by angel menzies

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