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While You Weren'T Looking
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

While You Weren'T Looking

Poem By Stephen Carey

While you weren’t looking,
I was.
I was looking at you.
I was smiling at your smile.
I was laughing at your laugh.
I was falling in love with you.

While you weren’t looking,
I wanted you to.
I wanted you to look at me.
I wanted you to smile at me.
I wanted you to laugh with me.
I wanted you to love me too.

While you weren’t looking,
Became my everything.

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Most poets will agree with this formula to instant success in poetry. Have a singular clear simple thought and drive it home with a repeated line. Hopefully one of uniqueness and merit. This line is not unique but it is meritorious. The formula is sound and does work here. The writing contained a bit of determined emotion that was communicated to the reader. This adds to the poems quality. Again, nothing special, but nothing to lessen the poem. A 9. GW62