Whilst Life All Around You

He is one you dislike greatly by your words on him one can tell
But why do you revel on his Earthly Hell
You seem happy that financially he is doing anything but well
As on the subject of his financial misfortune you do like to dwell
You like to call him a loser of the town
And you smile to know he is financially down
But your attitude at the news of his financial bankruptcy says more about you
And the sort of person that you are than words can ever do
A former business partner of yours that you say owes you money something he does deny
That to disputes and dislike it can lead to money does apply
But when you smile in satisfaction at his financial downfall
It shows in some ways you are not a nice person at all
You cling to your perceived wrongs against you of the past but the past it has gone
Whilst life all around you as usual goes on.

by Francis Duggan

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